The Bund by Night

May 2018. We've been in Shanghai a couple of months now. It took a while for our things to arrive from Melbourne via shipping container, so we have been living out of suitcases. My computer was also in the freight – which is why it has taken me this long to start writing. I do have a little laptop I take traveling and use to check the internet, but I find it too small to really work on.

Let’s start with the weather, that’s a safe place to break ground in a new blog. We arrived in spring and for the most part it has been comfortably cool – until this week. The last three days have been mid 30s and torrid. A tropical, sweaty humid. The maintenance manager in our building says this is unseasonably early summer weather. He’s been up and down the building fixing air conditioners that people have suddenly discovered need urgent maintenance (ours included).

Another comfortable starting point for a trip to Shanghai is The Bund. This iconic spot is one of the first places tourists visit, and perhaps the one they remember most. Though getting there took me almost a week. Expats have other priorities. Like eating. I had visited the local Carrefour supermarket several times before, one evening, we finally caught the trolleybus out to The Bund.

You can read about The Bund in Wikipedia, or just about any website that discusses Shanghai, so I won’t guidebook. But it is an amazing urban landscape. Put away that sci-fi dvd - we live in the future now.

The futuristic building at left with the globes is the Oriental Pearl Tower. The tall skyscraper to the right is the Shanghai Tower, currently the second tallest building in the world at 632 metres.

The Huangpo River separates the old European-style buildings along The Bund (left) from the futuristic urban landscape of Pudong (right)

Looking in the other direction from the previous images

This statue of a bull was designed by Arturo Di Modica, who also designed the Wall Street bull in New York.

The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, built in 1923 and originally used
by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.


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