Jing'an Temple

Buddhism has a long history in China, possibly arriving in the 1st century. Buddhism is clearly popular in modern China. The temples are usually quite busy with worshippers.

Jing’an Temple is along fashionable West Nanjing Road and easily accessed via metro. Hence it attracts a lot of tourists. Who pay 50 yuan (about $10 AUS) to get in. So it is very well maintained and a delight to explore and photograph.  

The temple, originally built in 247 AD, was moved from beside Suzhou Creek (which runs through Shanghai) to its present site in 1216. It was used as a plastic factory during the Cultural Revolution, returning to life as a temple in 1983.


On a completely different topic - for people who are interested in photography and might be curious, I use the following gear:
  • A Canon EOS 6D. I love this camera body. It takes beautiful images. My only gripe is that the GPS keeps ticking over even when the camera is turned off, quietly flattening the battery. The GPS has to be turned off manually via the menu. Pretty silly really.
  • I also have an older Canon EOS 60D which is also a fine camera. It is now my backup. I don’t have any particular preference for Canons over other models. I can’t even remember why I first picked a Canon up years ago rather than, say, a Nikon. Over time I guess I have just got used to how Canons work and can’t be bothered changing.
  • I do though, have a small Sony DSC-RX100 compact camera, for when I don’t want to lug the weight of a DSLR around or want to be discreet. This is a wonderful little camera that takes excellent quality images for its size.

I have three lenses:
  • A Canon EF 17-40mm. This is the lens I most commonly use, I like the versatility of the wide angle.
  • A Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8. I don’t use this as much as I should, given it was expensive. It takes great pictures but is a bit heavy for carrying around.
  • A Canon  EF 70 – 200mm zoom lens. One of those big white lenses. Sometimes I just fit this to the camera body for the day – the zoom gives a different perspective on the scenery and I like the depth of field effects. Bit of a nuisance to carry around though and people tend to stare when I’m using it.


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