The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is currently the third tallest building in Shanghai at 468 metres (after the Shanghai Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Centre). To help Melbourne people put this in perspective, the Eureka Tower is 297 metres.

This fascinating building has become a Shanghai icon since its completion in 1994. The middle pearl, at 263metres, contains the main sightseeing decks. One of these is encircled by a mentally-challenging transparent glass floor.

You can't say it's not distinctive. Personally, I think its a wonderful building.

In keeping with the futuristic theme of the tower, the security staff zip around
on self-balancing scooters. The guys looking at the guard must be from out-of-town.
No Shanghai resident would gawk like that - they are much too cool.

The queue for the elevator to the sightseeing level. It was fairly quiet the day we were there.

Step into the void. I've spent a lot of time fooling around on high places (climbing, canyoning etc)
but still found stepping out on to this glass challenging. I would have felt better with a rope.

Once you get used to it, you can set off on a walk around the entire circumference of the pearl
with the ground 260 metres below your feet. It never feels quite right.

This is the junction of the Huangpo River and Suzhou Creek (which would be a sizable river in Australia).
 The metal bridge is called the Waibaidu (or Garden) bridge, built in 1907.
Just look at the endless apartment blocks to the horizon - it is the same in every direction.
Shanghai is huge.

Another view of the Huangpo River, with its endless traffic of barges.



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